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About us

OUR MISSION: Search, connect, collaborate

Spaces connects event planners and venues. Spaces provides event planners and facilities a faster way to find each other and collaborate.

We've built an easy-to-use, centralized capacity search engine of venues by interviewing many planners, convention services professionals and facility managers to figure out how to improve on the existing system.

The Spaces app can also be customized to serve organizations such as CVBs and DMCs that already have their own database of venues but wish to provide that information to meeting planners via their own iPad app. Contact us for details.

Spaces will be built in two phases. In phase one, we will provide meeting planners an easier way to search venues by region and capacity requirements, and then directly contact the venues themselves. As such, the goal is simple: help planners find spaces that work, and drive planners to the venues that fit.

In phase two the planner will be able to create room layouts, online and on the iPad app, and share them with clients through the system. Facilities will also be able to create sample layouts and share them with planners. We're making collaboration easier. This feature was a direct request from the planners with whom we've had discussions.

We would love to see your venue listed with SPACES!